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Remodeling & Renovations in Wasilla, AK

We are local, trustworthy & skilled contractors.

Wherever people gather, there will be a need for repairs, and more than likely, eventual remodeling. If you are outgrowing your home, or office space, we can help with expansion. If your children have grown and moved out, we can convert bedrooms into new spaces. If your commercial storefront needs modernization, we will help source the best appliances and materials to bring you up to date.

Residential & Commercial Remodeling

No matter the need for remodeling or renovation, we know we can help. If you live or work there, we can remodel there.

If you are in need of remodeling and renovation, please check out our commercial and residential remodeling services here.

Home Improvement

If you’re raising a family in your home, then repairs are almost inevitable, and wear and tear can amass overtime without noticing until it has become uncomfortably obvious. Just call us at 907-748-3450,we’ll get you a free estimate and figure out the best options with you.

  • Renovations: If you have water damage, a hole in your drywall, or anything else that can happen with normal wear and tear of home ownership, we’ll get it back to new.
  • Remodeling: Do you have a room that is feeling outdated, or that you’ve outgrown? We will custom design and build you a newly remodeled dream kitchen, bathroom or common living space.

Commercial Space Updates

Where you work can often be where you spend the majority of your time. For this reason, office spaces and commercial locations experience similar wear and tear as a home would. Equally, we know commercial spaces will eventually need modernization and hopefully expansion!

  • Renovations: Do you have a staff break room that is falling apart? Are the counter tops of your restaurant or bar becoming a dinged up? We can renovate any commercial space, for any reason!
  • Remodeling: If your business is expanding (and we hope it is!), and you’ve grown to a place of needing an additional commercial space or if you just need of a new bathroom, break room or office, we are the contractors for you.


Remodeling Projects We’ve Proudly Constructed

For more information about our residential, commercial and remodeling services, please contact us at 907-748-3450 today! 

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